Welcome to my URL shortener / pastebin service!

Core Design Principles:

For security reasons, short URLs will NEVER automatically redirect. Instead, the user MUST click on the link (which is displayed in Noto Sans Mono for security reasons (to reduce visual ambiguity)).

To protect the user's privacy, the rel="noreferrer" tag is automatically added to short URL links.

The CSP policy on the short URL and pastebin pages disables all scripts (feel free to check this using Google's CSP Evaluator) as a last line of defense against XSS in case my input sanitization fails.

URL IDs are in BASE53A (click here for an explanation of what it is and for a proof that the BASE53A checksum detects all single-character typos and adjacent transpositions) and always contain a checksum character (which is why the minimum ID length is 2) which helps to detect typos. This means that if the user types in the wrong short URL, then the server can tell the user that the short URL that they entered is invalid (due to e.g. banned characters or checksum mismatch).

As mentioned in the BASE53A spec (linked above), visually ambiguous pairs such as "vv" are banned because "vv" can be confused with "w". The server will not generate URL IDs containing banned pairs and will not recognize any URL IDs containing banned pairs.

Please note that if you ask the server for a 2-character short URL and the server doesn't have any 2-character URLs left, then it will give you the next shortest URL, e.g. if it has a 3-character URL then it will give you a 3-character URL.

Links starting with "https://3iq.uk/" are TEMPORARY, links starting with "https://3fy.uk/" are PERMANENT.

Current number of temporary URLs stored (updates every 5 seconds): 0     (Total capacity: 2,000,000)
Current number of permanent URLs stored (updates every 5 seconds): 0     (Total capacity: 50,000)
Current number of temporary pastes stored (updates every 5 seconds): 0     (Total capacity: 20,000)
Current number of permanent pastes stored (updates every 5 seconds): 0     (Total capacity: 20,000)

CAPTCHA is not checked unless number of stored URLs exceeds 25% of total capacity.

Note that due to the possibility of bad actors posting illegal links on my website, I have chosen to take the following measures:

1. Permanent URLs can only be created if you have a special token. If you meet me in real life, ask me for a token and I'll give it to you.
2. Temporary URLs have a maximum life of 1435 minutes. This ensures automatic compliance with any legal request to take down a URL "within 24 hours".

Current limits (may change in the future): Links:

         Click here to create TEMPORARY short URLs

         Click here to create PERMANENT short URLs

         Click here to create TEMPORARY pastes

         Click here to create PERMANENT pastes

         Click here for system stats (memory usage, number of open file descriptors, etc)

Please understand that server resources (RAM, disk, bandwidth etc) are very limited because this service is running on a cheap VPS (I'm not using AWS because AWS doesn't allow me to set a spending cap).

This URL shortener was built by: F Y (1f604)

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